Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waiting, just anticipating...

Previously on Creamy Ranch the Next Generation...

We are awaiting the pitter patter of tiny feet. The pitter patter of tiny paws on the other hand has been delighting us since mid January. Betsy our rescued little mutt has settled in well and senses that there is another "puppy" on the way. She's very well behaved and will no doubt be a great big sister.

This has nothing to do with the awesome fuzzy rug in nursery, oh no. Yes, this is also an excuse to show off my handy work in decorating the nursery. A big shout out to Keith for helping with the design and finding the cool prints for the walls. While I wouldn't have thought of wainscoting, it looks great despite the effing and blinding I went through to get it on walls. Of course I didn't pick the colors either. The good wife managed to pick out "Rue Green" from the Martha Stewart line of Light Strokes paint. Of course she then said "can you apply if flat without the fancy after effects?". Cue more effing and blinding. But it does look good.

See how the rug sets off her fur.

A recycled Ikea dresser from our bedroom which has since been replaced with a more grown up dresser from Ikea. Crib from Ikea along with some shelves. Rocking chair from Target. Dog from Lucky Paws Shelter.

And now we wait.

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